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vendredi 31 août 2012

Getting bored again.

Last week I started a new steampunk USB key. This is the fourth so far and I think I'm just starting to become handy enough.
I now know the different tools I have to use and the result of each one.

The different steps of construction are still the same:
 - First I cut the shape of the key and the cap in a piece of wood
 - Then the hole for the usb stick
 - After those two "risky" steps, I start to hew the key in order to put the mechanical parts
 - Fourth step is arranging gears and watch parts, and take a photo of the final version
 - Just before gluing the parts, I put varnish on the wood to avoid grime
 - Then I glue everything.

I didn't take pictures of these steps but I'll try for next time.
Here is the result:

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