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lundi 14 janvier 2013


Last December, I had a Christmas swap on a forum about the universe of His Dark Materials (Philip Pullman). We had to create an item related to the trilogy and I came up with the idea of making a reproduction of Lyra's alethiometer, turned into a clock.

The central gear is moving along with the hour hand.

mercredi 28 novembre 2012

Vinyl clock

Last month I found a nice DIY to make a vinyl clock. This is really simple and gives a really nice old-fashion look.

lundi 19 novembre 2012

jeudi 8 novembre 2012

Resin Time

I've finally decided to protect all my creations with resin and I went for the crystal resin by Gedeo.
I'm actually pretty satisfied with the result: crystal clear effect, no bubbles,... The only inconvenience is the cure time of more or less (lot more than less) 24h.

mercredi 3 octobre 2012

Adorned with sapphires

Latest memory stick. I put two real sapphires gems into this one and decided to keep a silver and blue tint.

The stick is also a bit smaller (7 cm long) 

The Knife (first resin trial)

For my first trial with resin, I decided to decorate the handle of a knife.

The sculpting and decorating parts were as easy as usual but problems came with de resin. I messed with my first application and had to remove all the resin before it hardened. For result, I got lots of little bubbles on this side due to asperities I created.
The second side (see pic) was lot more successful.

Clockwork pendant

Last time I was disassembling a broken clockwork, I thought it might make a good base for a pendant.

This one only took me about 20 minutes.

The Key

For my fifth USB stick, I decided to try a different shape.
I finally went for a key and, that settled, I began the sculpture work.

For the bow, I found a bigger gear to protect the inside. But I'm starting to think about resin even if it might imply some bubbles.

vendredi 31 août 2012

Getting bored again.

Last week I started a new steampunk USB key. This is the fourth so far and I think I'm just starting to become handy enough.
I now know the different tools I have to use and the result of each one.

The different steps of construction are still the same:
 - First I cut the shape of the key and the cap in a piece of wood
 - Then the hole for the usb stick
 - After those two "risky" steps, I start to hew the key in order to put the mechanical parts
 - Fourth step is arranging gears and watch parts, and take a photo of the final version
 - Just before gluing the parts, I put varnish on the wood to avoid grime
 - Then I glue everything.

I didn't take pictures of these steps but I'll try for next time.
Here is the result:

dimanche 15 juillet 2012

Pipe Lamp : Version 2

This weekend I finished a lamp I've been working on for about a month. There was only a few finishings left like the electrical connection and some fixings.

The lamp seems a little bit "naked" once finished so I added a clock in the centre.

For the switch, I cut in a brass dial and fixed the switch into it.

The base is made of different hydraulic parts.

dimanche 8 juillet 2012

Pipe Lamp IV (final version)

I finally found a good base for my lamp so here it is:

Final version of this lamp before I create new ones.